A Just US System the Political Schemers


Politicians want to look tough on crime, but they are the ones to blame for prison overcrowding, to them it’s just a Money Game. This is the law they enacted, so what is it really all about? A game they play with human lives called “3-Strikes and you’re out.”

Back in 1994, they started giving us all this time, throwing the key away? They see money, money, money on the prisoners face; no concerns about Rehabilitation just fill up the prison space. That’s what this is all about, what we did was wrong yes, but no one was killed or really hurt but the system is throwing us away like Garbage and Treating Us like Dirt.

This unfair law is affecting everyone who is morally conscious and aware of true justice. If a person has paid for a crime he or she has done in the past, by doing his or her time, then what makes it right, to force that person to be charged again for that same crime that has been paid for?

It’s called overcharging and taking advantage of the power the citizens of California has given to politicians who is supposed to uphold the standards of truth, justice, and fair play.

They took us away from society, with greed in mine, affecting our children and the possibilities in our lives, just so they could capitalize. They have locked us up and don’t seem to want to let us go, a living Hell the over crowding, like living in Roach Motel.

This law was supposed to protect our children, but our schools have taken a fall, it’s about the money, man, not justice for all.

Bad Politicians are cutting our children’s education by millions upon millions of other peoples hard-earned tax dollars they take away from our children’s hopes, their dreams and handicap their future this is not leadership, but a greedy diabolical inhumane scheme that must go away. A monstrous atrocity:

The worst I ever saw, a unjust rule, they call “The 3-Strikes Law”

Written by JJ Walker and Revised by Jimmy Gaffeney Jr. aka Yusuf.


A Voice from the Grave & If You Were to Leave Before I Do

The Fade of Innocence: A poem and note from a New Voice in California



In The Beginning of Your Youth,

You Prayed For a Family Life That Was True,

however, Circumstances Changed all of That For you.


Left Home When You Were Young,

Then The Lost of Innocence Started Troubling You.


Disobedience To Parents, Didn’t Want To Hear What They Had To Say,

Thought It Was Cool For You To Stay Out Late.


Disinterested In School, The Pull of The Streets

That Was The Beginning of Your “Oops” In The Streets.


Corrupted In Thought, A Image To Portray A lifestyle That

Forced Your Innocence To Fade Away.


Daddy Wasn’t Home To Teach Or To Guide…

You Felt Alone, All Empty Inside, Lost Your Directions,

Ended Up Doing Time, In And Out of Jail,

With The Wrong Ideas In Mind.


Bad Choices, Getting Caught Up In The Mix,

Trying To Make A Illegal Dollar,

But You Left Your Finger Prints.


Now Out In The World Seeking To Find Your Fame,

Playing Rushing Roulette With Your Life, A Dangerous Game.


Hey Cuz!  Hey Blood!  Different Made Up Names,

The Fade of Innocence Caught Up In The Game.


Standing Before The Court Entering Into A System That

Will Eat You Up… Caged Up Like Nobody,

When Somebody Should Have Had Enough…

Two Years, Four Years, Life Without


It Was The Fade of Innocence That Brought This All About.

What Will It Take To Make This All Go Away?


Stand Up, Be Your Own Man…

Start A New Day.


You Are Someone’s Brother, Someone’s Uncle, Someone’s Father,

Someone’s Son, And Someone’s Friend.


When will You Decide To Stop, Renew Your Life,

So You Can Be There With Them Again?


By Jimmy Gafferey

AKA, Yusf Islam


Dedicated To My Son [name omitted by Sophie], With The Hope For A Brighter Future

Love Always,  Dad.




Dear Sophie Inchains

My name is Jimmy Gafferey Jr and it is my prayer that your establishment will see fit, to print my poetry in your articles and allow my work to possibly motivate and inspire other people to appreciate good ideas.  Please write me back and let me know what you think of my writings.  Thank you very much in your time in reading my material.


Jimmy  2011


Mr. Gaffeney is looking for pen-pals.  Here is his contact information: 

Mr. Jimmy L. Gaffeney Jr.  P41264

PO Box 689/FW-137

Soledad, CA. 93960

Please Note:  This poem came typed with a Xerox picture of Jimmy and his son.  Unfortunately, I cannot publish that picture however, I think it is important to know that the poem includes it.