Thoughts from Outside: Back Against a Wall

its a thin line between wrong and rite traped in the time of the party life .

Given no choices i had to fight my mom and dad were to young to raise me rite

maybe i been mad a man for all the mistakes i made friends r dead friends r gone

i still aint afriad to get wrong get back on with violent games i played my lights would of but cut rite off if my does werent payed .


Thank u for reading


Bobby S


Thoughts from Outside: Life After Prison

when i woke up this morning with same frustration from situations like these got a call about some work from one of those temporary agentcies no hight school daploma or any colleg dagrees i cant inlist but thell draft me if theres a war over seas oh please of cours i slice some oz’s but see im one of those aspiring mc’s and my bills are doe so at times im down for what everyone dissagrees but id rather strugle on my feet than live on my knees so my uniform tight workin all night at micky d’s for about 98 $ and some change after the gov. Get there fees these min. Wages aint enuff to feed my babies its like they hold me down cause i got a few felonies so I quit cause im tired of being one of those over worked under paid imployees stop caring at all when i did a few small burglaries then my face turned into a forgotten memorie and i dont get away with shit cause the lord always sees believe it or not theres some vary smart junkies but dependencie is eating away at there soal like deseas 



This post is from a person who has finally made it outside of the walls, Bobby S.  I will be posting more from this person as he chronicles his struggles and victories. 


In Defense of the CRA Program at MCC

Sophie                                                                                                 Aug 12-11

Im [sic] glad to hear back from you!  Its [sic] kinda funny I was just telling my buddy about you and how you asked me to write and help you get some stuff on your web site [sic] and I was like maybe she just didnt [sic] like what I had to say and then well I heared [sic] back.  Sorry I shouldnt [sic] of asked you about your personal life but like you said I like to know who im [sic] sending stuff to.  It’s a trust thing after a persons [sic] been in prison for a amount of time it grows on a person wanting to know what im [sic] getting myself into so I did a little research but of course my buddy must have you confused with someone else.  I should of known better sorry about that.  While were [sic] on the subject I cant [sic] believe a person like yourself, that helps all of us get our word out and takes all the time out to write us all doesnt [sic] have a significant other?  Sounds to me like your [sic] a great person.  Anyways I wrote my buddy at [name omitted for privacy] and told him about your web site [sic] and that I gave you his name.  Hes [sic] a vocal person and likes to speak and for people to acktualy [sic] listen so hopefully he writes.  I also have anthor [sic] one of my buddys [sic] here that is a great writer his name is [name omitted] if you want to send him something more about what you do.  I will give him your PO Box too.  I just spoke with him and he gave me a few things for you to post if you want.  I put a little think I read all the time by Heller [sic] Keller shes [sic] a great writer!  It fits me to a tee and I think a lot of other prisoners that are trying to make a difference and better themselfs [sic].  Im [sic] in the CRA program and if you havent [sic] heard but a lot of people talk bad about this program, that were all “tellers” but the thing is people are just confused and dont [sic] really know what were [sic] about and what goes on and havent [sic] been through this place so fourth they dont [sic] really know so pretty much are just talkeing [sic] about a lot of nothing that means well nothing as well.  Dont [sic] get me wrong ther [sic] are people here that have told or whatever but its not up to me to judge them.  All I can say is im [sic] not one of them and people like that has given this program a bad name and kinda sucks because a lot of good people have come through here and are now very successful.  I have been hooked on drugs and alcohal [sic] my whole life and I can honestly say if I didnt [sic] get brought here its [sic] a good chance I would be rite [sic] back and that’s not what life is about to me anymore.  Life is about loveing [sic] and being loved by someone enjoying family time, giveing [sic] a little guideness [sic] and getting it, respect, pride and being gratefull [sic] for all we got even if it isnt [sic] all that much I could go on but that is just a few that drugs & alcohal [sic] has pushed out of my life.  I dont [sic] know if you can get anything out of that but im [sic] really no kind of writer.  I just wanted to get the word out a little about this place but there so much more I’ve learned through this and feal [sic] a lot more people can do well also if they put the work in.  I really dont [sic] have much to look forward to out there and have lost a lot but can still walk out with my head high you know.  If this is stuff your [sic] looking for let me know and if you want other stuff thats [sic] fine too.  I’ve got a few native American drawings and can get you stuff on that just let me know.  I know a lot about working out as well.  Anything you want im [sic] game for whatever.  I enjoy helping out so its [sic] cool.  If you want more about what I’ve been through that cool too.  Well you have a good day Sophie and thanks a lot for getting this stuff out.  Thats [sic] cool of you looking out for us.  If you dont [sic] mind me asking why did you start doing all this?


Maine Correctional Center

This Quote Was in the Envelope:

Character cannot

Be developed in

Ease and quiet,

Only through

Experience of

Trial and suffering

Can the soul be


Ambition inspired,

And success

Is achieved

–Heller Keller–

Mental Illness

Harold Sanford Carter III/112150

807 Cushing rd

Warren, Maine 04864-4600

Mental illness

My antisociol ways bring me trouble.

A disorder of Personality.

The cause of recidivism No doubt.

Prison and Psyche rehab, I do Not doubt.

Along with alcohol there is trouble,

with against the norm Personality.

Hate antisociol personality!

To fix the life Path there is so much doubt,

Against the grain brings me so much trouble.

I must conquer it; or face more Pain No doubt.

This incarnation of Personality trouble.