Fed Up with the High Cost of a Call to Mom: And a History of MSP Mailroom Issues

July 26, 2011


We keep crossing our kites in the mail.  I’m gonna have to refrain from composing my thoughts.

I’m glad you found [name omitted].  Pray that he did not return back to [place omitted].

This place picks & choses whose mail they can screw with.  [date omitted] had a T.R.O. GRANTED against these prison official due to controversial mail practices.  Within two (2) months I was transferred to another facility.  But it woke these lames up plenty.  Not easy getting a temporary restraining order on a state agency.

I’ve filed my share of grievances against those capricious personnel working in mailroom.  They never sign their names who illegally destroyed and/or opened someone’s mail.  As legal mail is “suppose” to be opened in your presence.  A convict will only get a jotted notation on his envelop “opened by mistake” with two (2) initials below & “mailroom” signed.

We’ve some felonious fiends caged here.  So some have tried to smuggle drugs thru cards, between court transcripts, stamps.  Why no perfumed or crayoned pictures by children are allowed!  Let alone a kite from someone’s mate seeking to entice him by perfumed scent.  We have the so called “security” phase the sporting staff must always preach to the general public.  So there’s a little tid-bit that can swiftly enlighted [sic] the public plenty.  Thomaston, Maine prison for 30 or 40 years (or more) housed only prisoners classified “maximum” security.  In 2000, they built this dump to house maximum and medium security prisoners.  Of course Thomaston prison house [sic] just over #400 inmates.  Whereas, Warren holds twice as many.  So the diminished person serving time here decreased from 23 to age 20 let’s say.  First few months here the “mile” walkway was some bloody.

This past week, someone in ‘close custody’ sliced this medium security inmate over in recreation area.  So Fri-Sun, we had limited inmates at rec.  From now on, no inmates with different classifications will be in activities building.  When we come and go there’s way more shakedown.  Twice we are all patdown [sic] searched before and after we are done eatting [sic].  These shallow personnel protecting me from getting brutalized are really whining about having to do work now.  (Giggling)

I did one of two previous lawsuits against this dump for gross mishandling of our mail.  Eventually another suit will have to be lodged in Kennebec superior court.  Never in Knox count.  Good ole’ boy syndrome trickles all the way to Rockland, ME.

Past three (3) weeks I’m drafting a major civil action to lodge in court on bogus phone system this prison charges consumers.  I’m some tired of them charging 30c a minute, and 3c per call if party is not home.  Crazy!

Enclosed please find Maine-PAC response as to where we stand on pursuing parole options.  A couple ex-cons that are close friends are being pursued into finally stepping up to the place & pushing this crusade.  (Smiling)

[2 paragraphs omitted for confidentiality of inmate]

Soon as I draft that suit up…I hope you can retype the quest for possible additional plaintiffs.  Looks much better on the petitioned injunction too.  Man don’t defendants hate T.R.O.’s and injunctions.  But I don’t like coughing up $5.00 for a 16 minute call to my Mom.

I was just staring at my sloppy penmanship.  I am in a hurry and must improve my handwriting.  You are a blessing and a much need insights on exposing this warehousing of felons.

Much respect & grace,

[name omitted due to pending litigation]


Getting Mail in Maine State Prison: Is it Just the Luck of the Draw?

Dear Sophie,                                                                           6-27-2011

[First sentence omitted for confidentiality reasons.]  Its great your [sic] replying to the prisoner’s correspondence.  Most of us do not have any voice at all outside these walls.  We send letters all over and never get a response.  Its enlightening to see a person like you shed some light on the multiple human rights violations that accure [sic] here everyday [sic].

I sent you a package with a few complains about Sgt Ross, c/o Carl, and case manager Dryer.  You have forwarded them to your blog and the commissioner, however, I have not received them back.  I know for a fact you have sent them, but it seem that the mail room filters our personal mail and decided upon their own judgment if it is permissionable [sic].

I received an evolope [sic] from you on 6-24-2011.  On the front of the envolope [sic] it said no solicitation, disposed of solicitation.  The envolope [sic] was empty.

This causes great stress on my behalf and probaly [sic] yours to as we both know that your correspondence was not solicitation.  However who can argue that if it was disposed of.  I didn’t see what was in it and never offered to see it!

I have contacted a prisoner in here that is very active concerning Prisoners [sic] rights.  He is writing a small note for me looking into the law and how it violates our rights.  I have also filed a grievance concering [sic] this issue.  When it gets answered I will forward it to you.  I do not plan for the prison to resolve this issue at [sic] they fail to do anything constructive here.

I still try to stay productive in this oppressive prison.  Keep u the great work and I will write again in a few days.

Ps. I am starting a log with the out going and incoming mail.




Please Note: The complaint that Henry is referencing can be read here.  Sophie has sent the complaint, that he wrote, back to Henry twice (once as a copy and once the original) but he has not received it at the time of this post. 

Civil Rights Violations and Mail Room Issues

Hello Comrade,

Hope this message finds you engulfed in the struggle.


**** briefly told me what you are trying to do out there and I sincerely commend you.  We certainly need more people like yourself to take a stand and get involved.  We need you people to be our voice.  We are like sheep in here amongst a den of wolves!  If we don’t have allies, rather, if our allies dong make it “known” that they are there for us assisting us, well, we will continue to be eaten by these wolves.

Now turn the record over.  The flip side is the sheep need to “stand up for themselves”.  It is a well known “fact” here among prisoner’s and prison officials that the majority of prisoner’s will not stand up for themselves.  Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die!  I’ll leave that alone for right now.

I believe it’s now a matter of public record.  I recently filed a Civil Rights Complaint (i.e., lawsuit) against five (5) prison personnel, to wit: commissioner Ponte, Warden Patricia Barnhart, a unit manager Worcester, Captain Scott Drake and Captain Robert Pease.  The United States District Court has given the above-named defendants until July 6, 2011 to file an answer.  I will definitely keep you updated.

I am enclosing a copy of “another” grieveance [sic] I’ve had to file in reference to the mail room sabotaging my mail.  That may explain why several letters I’d been expecting haven’t reached me.  There is no doubt in my mind that the mailroom is toying with my mail.  I’ll see what this grieveance [sic] generates.

Okay Sophie, I’m going to bring this chapter to a close.  Until the next time, stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize.

In Struggle,



Feel free to write anytime.

Just hope I receive it!  J



SOS!  SOS!  You will be receiving a copy of that grievance via a comrade of mine out there in the free world.  I’ve requested it be sent to you “quickly”.


And remember: I welcome any and all correspondence from you and your constituents…


Q. Why did I address envelop Sophie Chain?

A. Because had I wrote “Sophie Inchains, you may not have received it as my correspondence it is put under a microscope.


The Grievance Sophie Received at a later date:

To: Captain Scott Drake

Grieveance [sic] Review Officer


Name: Donald Gilbert


On June 4, 2011 I filed a grievance because the mailroom opened legal mail from the United States District Court Judge before it reached me.  The legal envelope clearly stated, “open in presence of inmate”, yet it was sabotaged.  I’m still waiting for the grievance review officer to respond.

Today, June 14, 2011, I discover the mailroom has held up a letter of mine for 5 days, along with not giving me at all a letter from the same writer 2 weeks ago.

I respectfully requested that the mailroom problem be investigated before the problem escalated.  It’s obviously escalated.  At some point do you intend to investigate this?  Please provide me with an answer.  Thank you.


Prohibited from going to mailroom


Signed Donald.