Update from Sophie

Hello Readers!

First, I apologize for the long silence and tardiness posting letters from inmates; as well as the delay in getting letter out to incarcerated folks.  If you know someone who is waiting to hear from me please let them know they will be getting a letter very soon and I have not forgotten anyone.

Second, for those of you following the issues that Voices has been having with the Maine State Prison I want to let you know that Warden Patricia Barnhart is allowing inmates to send mail to Voices, so long as it does not go to “social networking” sites.  Since Voices is a blog and does not fall into that category, I will happily begin posting letter from inmates here in Maine once more.  Unfortunately, due to an issue that I cannot discuss here yet, I cannot write back to the inmates at Maine State Prison at this time.  However, if you are reading this, and you write to someone there, please let them know they are being published and I look forward to the day that the situation will be resolved.

Third, as always having a Voice is only effective if one knows they have access to such a tool, therefore be sure to SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE.  If you write to anyone in a prison please give them the address so they can send in anything they like, and be sure to let them know to pass it on as well!

Sophie Inchains

PO Box 2900

South Portland, Maine. 04116

I wish everyone the best!  Solidarity in Struggle,

Sophie Inchains


Recidivism Nightmare

Recidivism Nightmare


Insanity hath no rest upon me.

Does my current grasp the scent of wrongness?

Lack of control surely is my demise.

Snakes slide and slither in circles with hiss.


Be banished ye serpents!  I see as traits.

My chemistry is outlandish, help me.

I can find no balance in my tumble.

It is misery to feel this discreet.


For a second the days sun brings good joy.

For a year decades pounce me thunderstorms.

The says sun comes quick and makes a half smile.

Then my own snakes, so lustful, find dreams torn.


‘Freedom oh freedom’, your sweetness lurks me.

A lovely strawberry; rotton, I eat.



Harold Sanford Carter III

Maine State Prison

A Quick Shout Out!!!

Voices from the Cracks would like to congratulate Maine State Prison inmate Harold Sanford Carter III for being chosen for paid publication!!  Two of the poems that were previously on Voices, “Maine State Prison a Sonnet” and “Circles of Everything” have been chosen by a literary magazine and will be published soon.  Please join me in offering Harold a round of applause for this accomplishment!