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Yeah, its me again, the bald shiny-head black guy.  First, I give props to my friend Sophie!  Once again, I have to delve into race one of the most boring subjects there is.  Now, understand me, this countries track record on the subject past behavior was ruthless and yet in the twenty-first century, we haven’t progressed much.  Lets look at the word-American-what comes to mind: one people moving in one direction concerned only with the upward mobility of all its citizens.  Tell me this, can an organism function without all its parts?  Can it merely move separately from its whole self?  can it fight off diseases in pieces?  These are fundamental questions that need answering without making it seem so scientific, which keeps this country from reaching its full potential.  Until we, as one people, solve these simple questions we’ll never solve the global issue that plagues us today.


Look at China, you might not like them, but look how they move in one direction.  The entire organism moving for a common cause, being the best as a whole Chinese Nation, Germany, Russia and many others nations not fragmented, but pushing forward for the whole cause.


Now, I’m no scholar now scientist only a mere layman doing prison time.  So, how long will it take for this-once great nation-to assemble its fragmented pieces?  Will we continue to express American as a fragmented society or will we rise to the occasion and practice the true idealism America truly stands for.  Over a twenty year period America has went from first to almost last.  How do we account for that?  What is the excuse?  Whose to blame?  But most importantly, what is our solution?  If we don’t find out quickly we might end up seeing this once great nation succumb to vassalage.


People!  Lets find the answers!




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Inmates Raise 2500$ for Backbacks: CDCR & School District Say, ‘Cash Only’

Sept. 11. 11

Fellow Bloggers

This week I wanted to discuss trials and tribulations this country is having instead an experience I and a couple of friends went through should be noted.  First off, let me theorize on what rehabilitation is and please, Cyber friends, tell me if I’m incorrect.  Shouldn’t it consist of those who have wronged anyone or society the opportunity to repay, redeem or otherwise re-develope [sic] their way of thinking?

My friend Chuck thought of this splendid idea of giving back to those who are less fortunate.  The idea was called-The ABC Back Pack Project- in which we collect donations from the inmates in order to purchase ‘backpacks’ and fill them with school supplies.  We had given the inmates a vision of being able to do something for a child who is unfortunate, but yet put a smile on that child’s face.  CDC recently put the R at the end meaning rehabilitation.  Well, we were in for a rude awakening.  We collected close to twenty-five hundred dollars and that was for the first quarter.  As we were about to have the sponsor of our self help group called BRAG purchase the backpacks the administration decided it would be inappropriate because of some confidentiality mess.  Once before this same group gave a check to a fourth grade class for a field trip and those same kids sent us cards thanking us for what we did which was a wonderful feeling.

Well the superintendent of the school and the administration here wanted us to just cut a check and be through with it.  That’s not the image we gave to the men on this line.  People, this state has mis-managed its affairs and to just give them a check doesn’t ensure those needy kids will receive backpacks.

Here in California the governor—Brown—has cut education here drastically.  Now, it is assumed that kids will only attend schools four days a week.  Now who do you think cares about the generation of kids in this society.




Questioning Corporate Tax Greed and the Treatment of US Workers


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To all who have faith may God always surround you with an [sic] hedge of protection.

Well, this week was rather interesting to say the least. Now, tell me if I’m wrong. Isn’t America the place where it has been postulated vigorously that the American dream is there for all to partake of when you work hard, be honest, practice moral values etc…..well that seems to be a mantra of the past, unless your [sic] born into wealth, which is less than one percent, roughly. The economy is in the toilet, Obama is being blamed, the congress is playing with peoples lives; the whole system is a joke. Corporations get bailed out and yet the average citizen is tossed to the side like a used dish rag.
Those who are considered the Magnates, corporations and the like are seriously treating the American people like trash. In evading their responsibility of paying reasonable taxes, these companies will up-root their business, at the behest of the people who work for them, and swiftly deployed them to countries who’s taxe’s [sic] are much lower than the measely [sic] 35% tax rate the Unite States has deemed appropiate [sic]. Tell me this, how can millionaires and billionaires treat the very people (US Citizens) who made them the wealthiest people in America like they had nothing to do with their success? And now, bite on this. These same people whom up-rooted their businesses placing them in other countries, has the gall to turn around and sale the American consumer those products that people here once, made, packaged and sold to customers. Now, if that’s right and the American people are fine with it I’ll shut my mouth!
On another note Warren Buffet has challenged the wealthy to pay higher taxes instead of allowing a secretary or any other menial worker shoulder the majority of taxe’s [sic].
America! Wake-up!


Worried for the Future: One Inmate Asks…What is Happening to Education in America?


Again.  greetings fellow Bloggers.


Yes, its [sic] me again.  Thaddeus.  Which I truly hope did not bore you with my first blog.  As I set my eye’s [sic] on the in-Justice [sic] done to me, it hasn’t stagnated my thoughts, ideas and perception on just my immediate situation.  but has allowed me to see and feel past the snare I’m presently caught in.

Two weeks ago I viewed a video called—Waiting for superman–.  this documentary, with profound precision, delved into the education system that I once thought was the best in the world.  Little did I know the United States is doing a grave dis-service [sic] to those who might eventually govern this country.  For those children who are of the lower economic class: blacks, Latinos and other people of color, are feeling and experiencing the gross neglect of this educational system.  Now, as this has been going on since the eighteenth century we come to an [sic] new era where this gross neglect is now affecting whites as well.  The United States, at one time was number one in education, what happened?  In math and science the United States is behind China at least three years!  Two years behind South Korea and Finland is number one, yep.  I was thinking the samething [sic].

Tell me this, has America dumbed down its citizenry?

Here’s an idea what if, those who are in power, strengthen the weakest link of society and made them feel truly American.  What if, being the richest nation in the world they did the right thing for once and educated this citizenry from a global perspective wouldn’t that help the USA globally become number one again?

Here’s a thought, China’s middle class is the three-hundred million people roughly the total population of the USA.  If that is fact why can’t this country produce a three-hundred million people middle class here?

If noone [sic] is recognizing this blatant lie the elitist in this country are perpetrating than these words are for naught.

I only say, wake up people!!

Signing off