A Note from FL and Enclosed Article Written in Tribute of “Grannie”

Sat 9,17,2011

Dear Sophie,

I hope this finds all well with you. The weather here is just getting nice and in the low 80’s. I know it is much cooler where you are but hopefully you can enjoy it.

I am enclosing a article I wrote about my Grannie who passed away in 2005 I hope you will post it with the poems I have already sent you? Please return the article in the SASE?

Sorry you can’t send me a picture […] but I do understand and appreciate your help.

I will pass your info around but these guys in Fla are more into waisting [sic] their time rather than writing something positive.

I rarely receive mail from the outside but I write my cousin to remind her I love her and I will be telling her to pass your info to a few of our family to see and read what I have written.

With much love and respect always your friend Tony!

In The Service of The King Jesus Christ

Tony DuPree 120528

Due to the size of the article that Tony sent I was unable to get it scanned correctly and I opted instead to type it in, making sure to add all the pertinent information about the paper and date. The enclosed clipping follows below –Sophie

Covington Times Courier
Wednesday, August 23, 1995
Page 4B

To my Grannie, Alice Knowles…Happy birthday from Tony

I was born in 1962. By then, Grannie (Alice Knowles) and Granddaddy had already raised a very healthy and strong family of three boys and two girls. Together they farmed and grew everything they needed. Grannie cooked and made all their clothes.

They bought very little from stores. Living the quality life they did, they needed very little from outside their own land, and when they did, it was bought with money they made farming.

Granddaddy passed away a few years back of natural causes. He lived a life rich with love and happiness that any European Nobleman would be proud of. We still miss him and his spirit is with us always.

Dear, sweet Grannie, she’s managed to go on without the great man she saw so much life with for well over 50 years together. Now in her late 70’s, she still makes clothes for herself and her great grandchildren. Grannie still grows just about everything she eats, and has until this very day she made shelves of jellies and jams, which I as well as her great grandchildren, love and admire her for.

Her home-baked biscuits with the many fillings from fig preserves to a link of homemade sausage, not to mention all the different pies and cakes she’s always baking. And none of us will forget the fish Grannie showed us how to catch down at the nearby river and how delicious they were when she cooked them up golden brown.

I could go on and write a book about this great Southern lady of Alabama. Bur for my article on what woman influenced my life let’s say that she not only influenced me, but my dear sweet mamma is a sparkling gem and attribute of the same noble character, as well as her sister and brothers.

They are all alive and healthy, living good lives. Growing up, I didn’t fully appreciate the rich quality of life I had been blessed with till I went out into the world and got a bird’s eye view of the decay of the noble European culture taking place in the U.S.

Grannie, you are the heart of the beautiful European culture I know and love as a Southerner. You are the Heart of Dixie. You deserve much praise for raising your children in such a noble way. It is because of your preservation and influence of our noble culture that my own sweet mamma raised and influenced me to be a better man. I love you, Grannie.

Your loving grandson,
Tony O. Dupree
P.S. Happy Birthday Grannie.
Grannie just turned 80 on 7/23/95


Box of Happy

Box of Happy

At age four life was no bore, for there was much to explore

playing on the floor, taking old junk clock’s apart to their core.

Granny and Grandaddy did their best to keep me occupied while

Momma worked at the sewing factory.  They were heavenly Saints

whom precious care wouldn’t allow mischief to dare.

I would watch “Hee haw” and drink Granddaddy’s Tea, and he

would joke and tickle me till I laughed so hard I couldn’t See!

It was a Joy each night seeing Momma’s car lights shining bright.  I

knew my love had come for me once again, and we would hug and

kiss like long lost kin.

One night when Momma returned to me late, I rushed to open the

door, I couldn’t wait.

She greeted me with her bright smile and a little box in her small

hands.  Inside was a Shepherd puppy whipping his tail against the

sides.  He was the happiest dog I ever saw.

What a lucky lad I was to have such a wonderful and precious Ma!

By Tony Owen Du’Pree (FLA REP CJCC)

In memory of Millie Presley, May 22, 1942-April 22, 2007

A Precious Saint, Dedicated mother and Active Christian-

Patriot and Nationalist, Die-Hard Loyalist, Racecar Driver, Legendary Dancer, Naturelover Especialy Pensacola Beach, Shrimp boat Capt on Pensacola Bay (Boat Name-Rambler Rose), Folk Singer and Artist, Natural Healer, Comedian, Good Samaritan, Eastern Star, Favorite Hymn-One Day At A Time; Whitty, Cute, Beautiful, Elegant, Charming, Imapireing, Highly Intelligent, Prescious Memory Maker.

In The Service Of The King Jesus Christ!

Laughing Wee Wee In The Wind: A Poem, Short Note, and Photo from FL

Laughing Wee Wee In The Wind!

Windowpane windowpane, I see through you to the rain.

Rushing water trailing the earth like a steamengine train!

Looking to the dark clouds that pass my way, they all form

patterns and have something to say.

But Yahweh’s sun will save this day, and just as it touch

the horizon far away, sets forth its rays, causeing the

clouds to blush pink and purple haze.

Thus I contemplate in my sober daze; What thy will in

my childhood companions ways?

Oh, my sister Shantelie-Lace, your cute little face; A pony

tail a hanging down.

Your smiling as we are spinning on our peddle go-round!

Moma grinning warns us to slow our spinning and peddling

else off we’ll go down!

But we hold on tightly to the Spinning-Jenie, peddling faster

and faster laughing wee wee into the wind!

Now I pray we will peddle together again, spinning and

laughing in a time when we know not sin!

I love you Shantel, my sister and friend:

By Tony Owen DuPree 120528-(L2111L)

5850 E. Milton Rd, Milton, Fla 32583

In the Service Of The King Jesus Christ


7, 20, 2011

Dear Sophie,

Greetings, I pray this finds all well with you.

Thank you for returning my poem-‘Jesus Don’t Leave Me’.

Thanks for yoru nice letter.  The people that cared about me have all passed away so your letter was a blessing to me.  I appreciate the kind words and that you liked my poem.

I have enclosed another poem with my picture and I hope you can place this poem with the first along with my picture?

Your work is much needed and appreciated.  I will take you up on publishing my story as soon as I have time to write it.  I stay busy right now keeping up with my appeals.

But be sure I will be sending you things all along.

I know your [sic] busy so I will close for now.

With much love and respect always Doc!

Tony Owen DuPree 120528-(L2111L)

5850 E. Milton Rd, Milton, Fla 32583

In the Service Of The King Jesus Christ

Grief: Coping w/the Loss of a Mother from Behind Bars

Jesus Don’t Leave Me

By Doc DuPree



Oh Jesus don’t leave me be?  Jesus lived in mother and oh Lord Jesus a future without her I can’t see!

It was a terrible crash in the middle of the night, two drivers head-on, one without vision, the other in the Light.

Lights & glass smash into steel, Mother holds her bruised breast behind the wheel, whispering her last prayers reeling from pain and leaving her son in Jesus Will!

Oh Jesus please don’t leave me be, Jesus lived in mother and oh Jesus a future without her I can’t see!

My Angel Queen Mother, your precious spirit remains close to me.  You say I am free, but precious mother my dreams started and ended with We!

No longer do your letters come in the mail brushing away clouds and lifting my sails.  No-more do I see your bright and love filled smiles at our visits, nor can I be reassured by your caring voice on the phone, no I am simply alone.

Oh Jesus I saw your light in her, but now she is gone.  I still dial her number, but nobody is home.

Six months later and still no voice on the phone, no mail or visits, all is gone.

Oh Jesus I feel so privileged to have experienced such pure love.  And you Lord who’s symbol is a snow-white dove visit me, and answered my call without a phone, give me your message I am not alone!

Lord don’t leave me, a future through you only I can see.

In memory of Millie Presley, May, 22, 1942-April, 22, 2007

A Saint dedicated mother, active Christian Patriot and Nationalist, Racecar driver, Legendary dancer, Nature lover (especially Pensacola Beach), Shrimp boat Capt on Pensacola Bay (Boat name Ramblem Rose), Folk singer and Artist, Natural healer, Comedian, Good Samaritan, Favorite Hymn-‘One Day At a Time’.


By: Tony Owen Dupree 120528-L2111L

5850 E. Milton Rd,

Milton, Fla 32583


In The Service Of The King Jesus Christ




Dear Sophie Inchains PO B 2900 South Portland, ME 04106,

I pray this find all well with you.  First, you have my permission to publish the enclosed poem-‘Jesus Don’t Leave Me’.  Please publish with my address?

I also have a question?  I have a Actual Innocence case which I would like shown like 20/20 and others to investigate and air.  I wonder if you would take my legal motion and exhibit pages and scan the pages onto a net cite where I could refer people such as 20/20 to review my case?

I have no family to do such favor and am totaly [sic] indigent.

Please let me know, and please return the poem in the enclosed SASE?

With much love and respect always Tony!

In The Service Of The King Jesus Christ

Keep Up The Great Work!


Tony Owen DuPree 120528-L2111L

5850 E. Milton Rd,

Milton, Fla 32583


6, 25, 2011