Solidarity with the 99% from Soledad

My Fellow Blgrs.


Oh.  My.  God.  Did the 99 just go viral around the world?


First off, if anyone is spiritually in tuned person may God forever bless you and keep you safe.  Secondly, did my ‘blogs’ mention what’s going on right now?  We the people are rising to a level that’s been needed for such a longtime I am so happy to see the conscious re-awakened.  Whatever you want to call it movement, revolution, or 99 the present system has neglected the ‘People’.  Now I’m listening to these so-called economist analyze and dissect the problems and yet will not provide a solution, isn’t that terrible?  And then you have the representing the establishment who voices its opinion about their not being a cohesive collective ideology articulating the movements cause.  But we know that the mis-trust [sic], neglect, and lack of jobs for the people are the main issues.  There’s nothing scientific about this global phenomena!  The people are tired of the corporations bribing, buying, and manipulating the so-called government of the people.


The last-time something this drastic happened was the civil rights movement.  Think on this, what if all the people withdrew all of their funds from the banks?  What if all the people began to practice the behavior of being very thrift?  What if the people built their own economic base in which to operate from?


Professional politicians has already screwed the people so what other evidence is there?  Two, seven-hundred dollar bail-outs for the establishment?  I don’t know the answers, but I’m quite sure that “we the people” can enumerate some ideas.  If this is a Christian nation God forbid we act accordingly.  People continue to stand white, black, other all ethnic groups-shoulder to shoulder in our quest to take care of each other.


Please, continue the struggle.



What Comes Next?


Hello fellow Blgrs.

Yeah, its me again, the bald shiny-head black guy.  First, I give props to my friend Sophie!  Once again, I have to delve into race one of the most boring subjects there is.  Now, understand me, this countries track record on the subject past behavior was ruthless and yet in the twenty-first century, we haven’t progressed much.  Lets look at the word-American-what comes to mind: one people moving in one direction concerned only with the upward mobility of all its citizens.  Tell me this, can an organism function without all its parts?  Can it merely move separately from its whole self?  can it fight off diseases in pieces?  These are fundamental questions that need answering without making it seem so scientific, which keeps this country from reaching its full potential.  Until we, as one people, solve these simple questions we’ll never solve the global issue that plagues us today.


Look at China, you might not like them, but look how they move in one direction.  The entire organism moving for a common cause, being the best as a whole Chinese Nation, Germany, Russia and many others nations not fragmented, but pushing forward for the whole cause.


Now, I’m no scholar now scientist only a mere layman doing prison time.  So, how long will it take for this-once great nation-to assemble its fragmented pieces?  Will we continue to express American as a fragmented society or will we rise to the occasion and practice the true idealism America truly stands for.  Over a twenty year period America has went from first to almost last.  How do we account for that?  What is the excuse?  Whose to blame?  But most importantly, what is our solution?  If we don’t find out quickly we might end up seeing this once great nation succumb to vassalage.


People!  Lets find the answers!




To my friend



in struggle

The Future Of America? Does it have One?


Fellow Blgrs.

Something appeared on television the other night where bullying was the issue, but something else caught my attention this past Sunday.  On This Week-Christiane Amanpour-the topic was “Bringing America Back”.  I did not watch it due to my commitment to be in church.  But I do have an opinion if I’m running my mouth too much, hopefully, you my cyber friends will nudge me back in my place.  Now that America’s short coming are at critical mass the media buckled the government responded, again when car dealerships buckled who responded, yep the good ole government.  Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae almost crumbled and since the government represents “you the people” your whatever you want to call them, out.  And now, that you the people are at critical mass in losing your homes, life-savings and dignity where is your bail-out?  Un-employment checks, please! And guess who’s up there playing with your lives?  Right!  Your elected officials.

That isn’t saying much, but there you have it.  Both sides of the aisle sitting there like over-grown children pouting while the rest of the working people in the United States are getting poorer.  The United States is rapidly turning into a two-tiered society, those with wealth and the have-nots.  I’m an innocent black man sitting in prison and the white so-called-middle-class is being decimated.  WE are worse off than some other countries we were previously ahead of in terms of technology, the social upward mobility and truly grasping the “American dream”.

I’ve stated once before-no government has ever withstood the test of time!  SO, where does America stand?  Will we wither away into oblivion or will we rise as a collective nation looking out for all Americans or will we continue on the path of self preservation?



Love you all


A 24-year-old Man’s Journey to Folsom Prison


After a seventeen and one-half hour bus drive from Chino, California to Represa California, the-Grey-goose-a term that convicts dubbed for the transportation when traveling from the reception center to your final destination.  Suddenly there was a grave-yard at the foot of this winding road leading to the infamous Old Folsom one of the deadliest prisons in California.  As we sputtered up this road a big structure loomed ahead of us.  Picture in your mind a twenty-four year old inexperienced young guy playing like there’s nothing to worry about.  know, I was scared to death!  Mind you, I’m innocent!  Anyway, the gigantic thirty foot doors slowly crept open.  I’d heard many things about Folsom but to actually be there and spend a lot of time there until I capture my freedom was not in my plans.  The Grey-goose slowly entered the pale structure.  As I looked at this monstrosity it looked as if someone took some dynamite and blasted a deep pit and stared building.  We sat their [sic] waiting to be received.  Freddie Jackson’s Rock With Me Tonight was playing, but no one was rockin.


Finally, we were taken to this area over-looking the yard people were milling about.  Suddenly, the yard when down everyone sat down.  I strained to see what was going on my heart was pounding my neck was on a swivel and then I saw correctional officers running with a gurney and as I strained to see the person on the gurney was laying side-ways with what appeared to be a pole thrust through his body.  That scared me terribly!  I didn’t know what to think.  I sat down looking at nothing seeing nothing.  Just as quickly a loud speaker announced-resume program-.  Now I know what those words meant, but they had to be a mistake.  Being placed about the track I yelled down at someone asking them what those words meant.  At that moment people were walking around like nothing happened.  I’d just seen a pole rammed through this persons body and the administration just announced, resume program.


I got there on a Wednesday and all through the week people were getting stuck with knives.  The following Wednesday another person was killed.  From the very first day I knew I was going to keep my nose reeled to my face!


Prison life, then, was a treacherous and violent to the point were eventually a person becomes complacent in that environment.  There’s been many wars fought along racial lines.  Mexicans and Blacks Whites and Blacks.  The cycle of violence never ended.


This is just a taste of what I went through.  Until next time



Always Respect


In the struggle




Inmates Raise 2500$ for Backbacks: CDCR & School District Say, ‘Cash Only’

Sept. 11. 11

Fellow Bloggers

This week I wanted to discuss trials and tribulations this country is having instead an experience I and a couple of friends went through should be noted.  First off, let me theorize on what rehabilitation is and please, Cyber friends, tell me if I’m incorrect.  Shouldn’t it consist of those who have wronged anyone or society the opportunity to repay, redeem or otherwise re-develope [sic] their way of thinking?

My friend Chuck thought of this splendid idea of giving back to those who are less fortunate.  The idea was called-The ABC Back Pack Project- in which we collect donations from the inmates in order to purchase ‘backpacks’ and fill them with school supplies.  We had given the inmates a vision of being able to do something for a child who is unfortunate, but yet put a smile on that child’s face.  CDC recently put the R at the end meaning rehabilitation.  Well, we were in for a rude awakening.  We collected close to twenty-five hundred dollars and that was for the first quarter.  As we were about to have the sponsor of our self help group called BRAG purchase the backpacks the administration decided it would be inappropriate because of some confidentiality mess.  Once before this same group gave a check to a fourth grade class for a field trip and those same kids sent us cards thanking us for what we did which was a wonderful feeling.

Well the superintendent of the school and the administration here wanted us to just cut a check and be through with it.  That’s not the image we gave to the men on this line.  People, this state has mis-managed its affairs and to just give them a check doesn’t ensure those needy kids will receive backpacks.

Here in California the governor—Brown—has cut education here drastically.  Now, it is assumed that kids will only attend schools four days a week.  Now who do you think cares about the generation of kids in this society.




An Inmate Ponders Racism, Christianity, and Foreign Policy


Greetings fellow


Please, am I hearing and seeing things, because apparently, the ole US of A has begun to pay close attention to China.  Say it isn’t so!  Why?  because their fast becoming the global economic engine that the states use to be?  or it is simply despising the changing order.  Now there’s nothing wrong in being a leader, but you must adhere to the basic tenets: take care of home first!  Western ideology pastulates [sic] individual accomplishments: you get yours and I’ll get mine.


They say capitalism is great!  Yes, only to those that are in the minority and I don’t mean that racially.  Now that the world has changed we’ve fallen behind.  Fallen short or just plumb failed!  Which brings me to this question.  how did the most advanced nation in the world as a Western civilization stumble?  I’m using a softer euphemism in describing whats [sic] really going on.  And people know this there’s a lot going on which people refuse to talk about.  It is a shame to be labeled a world power and yet in the twenty first century our racial biases dominates the minds of all Americans from toddlers to elders.  To me, we are very much primitive in our out-dated [sic] thoughts.


We are a nation of three-hundred million and we can’t take care of ourselves.  Greed, greed and more greed will continue to bring this once great nation to its knees.  Instead of focussing [sic] on China and what they’re doing we need to clean-up our own back-yard before instead of owing this one-trillion dollars it’ll be two-trillion.


As long as this country remains elitist it’ll never again be the light of the world.  It’s a horrendous act when we claim, as a nation, to be Christians and can’t mete out the simplest of Jesus’ acts.  giving alms.  Can we become that beacon again?



Love ya.

Cyber world