A Just US System the Political Schemers


Politicians want to look tough on crime, but they are the ones to blame for prison overcrowding, to them it’s just a Money Game. This is the law they enacted, so what is it really all about? A game they play with human lives called “3-Strikes and you’re out.”

Back in 1994, they started giving us all this time, throwing the key away? They see money, money, money on the prisoners face; no concerns about Rehabilitation just fill up the prison space. That’s what this is all about, what we did was wrong yes, but no one was killed or really hurt but the system is throwing us away like Garbage and Treating Us like Dirt.

This unfair law is affecting everyone who is morally conscious and aware of true justice. If a person has paid for a crime he or she has done in the past, by doing his or her time, then what makes it right, to force that person to be charged again for that same crime that has been paid for?

It’s called overcharging and taking advantage of the power the citizens of California has given to politicians who is supposed to uphold the standards of truth, justice, and fair play.

They took us away from society, with greed in mine, affecting our children and the possibilities in our lives, just so they could capitalize. They have locked us up and don’t seem to want to let us go, a living Hell the over crowding, like living in Roach Motel.

This law was supposed to protect our children, but our schools have taken a fall, it’s about the money, man, not justice for all.

Bad Politicians are cutting our children’s education by millions upon millions of other peoples hard-earned tax dollars they take away from our children’s hopes, their dreams and handicap their future this is not leadership, but a greedy diabolical inhumane scheme that must go away. A monstrous atrocity:

The worst I ever saw, a unjust rule, they call “The 3-Strikes Law”

Written by JJ Walker and Revised by Jimmy Gaffeney Jr. aka Yusuf.


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A Note from CA Inmate: Facts about Three-Strike Law

Greeting Sophie                                                                      7/18/11


I am so happy to see that you provide a forum for contrivery [sic] regarding prison issues.  We have a poster on our wall telling us we may send you items which you will put into the social-network.

Here are some short talking points about our California Crime & Punishment circumstance.  I can provide a few areas of concern: 1 about our three strike law (since 1994); 2 the prison guards union; and 3 the Buracrats [sic] who let all this mess happen!


I hope it’s ok providing you with these untyped [sic].  In time, I canget you moer material properly typed.


  1. Did you know that CDC (r?) holds more than 43,500 inmates sentenced under the three strike law, representing 25% of its total population?  (CA. State Auditors Rpt. 2009-107.2 S.F. Chronicle) These are 2nd & 3rd strikes combined.
  2. Did you know that three strikes are put into a class of their own, which prevents them from earning “good time/work time” custody credits…AT ALL?  No matter how well a third striker programs, they must do every single day of their “25 years to life” term, before they are even allowed to go to the board asking to be paroled!  (and boards never give date’s on the first hearing.)
  3. Our CA. State Auditor has found that 23,099 strikers, (both 2nd &3rd) have current convictions which were never ment [sic] to be strikes!  She also finds that CDC (r?) now holds 4,054 people/inmates as third strike prisoners under the illussion [sic]…as if they are violent!
  4. Do you understand that “end-of-life” medical care costs for all non-violent third striker, (4,054 total in CA.) will amount to an un-calculable cost annually…unless voters step-up to amend this law imediately [sic]?
  5. Do you know that back at the inception of our three strike law in CA. (1994), deputy district attorney’s operated with impunity as they applied multiple strikes to a person on the same day, and frequently to a single event?  This tactic provides the illussion [sic] that the person charged was a repeat or multiple offender, when a person now doing “Life” can in fact be a “first term” prison?  (this also was a way for Line-prosecutors to rack-up “conviction final” rates)  All for their own Little Resumes!


I have a bunch more of these which I’ll send you soon.  We are trying to get an initiative on our CA. ballot next year.

Sincerely; Bruce S

Salinas Valley State Prison, CA.


I would love to hear from you re: how I can better provide you with these concepts.