She always knew.  Playing the color of my persona.
Soft.  Passionate…..
You killed him and the others,
               Sweet, the taste of revenge.
When I saw you; day….
               Melted snow, cold.
I was so cold, blue eyes radiated such
sickening beauty, wanting-lust.
Affaid at first, come closer.  The look.
               A body.  Unhuman.  Perfect.
She was unearthly immortal.  Undying.  Sapient.
I never fogot that day---I always knew
                    my death.

Maine State Prison




     It started again;      The lovely crying. 
beautifull but eerie.     She stood there Watching, 
Singing her song of lost souls.

     A message.  Unclear.  The eyes so pasionate, 
loving, but lustfull wanting to touch me, reaching 
so close yet never becoming within the realm 
of physical.  So beautifull……

     I could only stare, filled with sorrow, “I 
know you.  We lived.  We loved.  You are me, 
how?  Why?  Please come closer.”  I begged.

     The leaves rankeled as if they were angry against
the window, a low howl of the fall wind,
the lovely crying--  laughing now, distant…..
beautifull-growl.  It knew.  It waited
as it fell ever distant.  Silence.

     The candels flame went out……The Moon.
The morning brought a cold wind.  Musk.  

     Rain danced of the window.  I rose
to tighten the jam.  The reflection, the
instant second.  The lovely crying, her again,
gone.  The everlast….feeling so lost,
so helpless……..




The screams began again.  It wasn’t a dream

this time.  I heard them, walking, I saw

them, the shadows, reflecting from the granite

walls.  That stare.

The remorse.

It was never her fault.  Tied an bound,


I thrust the blade.

In and out.

Blade of flesh.  Deep.  Hot.  Bleeding.

The screams began again, so sweet.  So young.

The feeling.

The air filled with damp musk, shadows rose

and fell.

Ghosts incarnate.  Distant karma.

Flames danced.  Caged.  I reached but no longer


The screams began again.



Eye wide…open.  Darkness,