Welcome Back Readers, Advocates, and my Beloved Incarcerated

Hello everyone,

As you can see if you follow my Twitter I am trying to bring the blog back from hiatus. Without going into to much detail–after all this is not my blog but the Prisoner’s–my life was really unstable for about two years. I am getting back on my feet and I am anxious to reconnect with lost friends and make new ones.

At this time I do not have a new P.O. Box for submissions; however, I am willing to give anyone that needs a Voice my home address until such time as I can afford to open a new box. I live in Arizona now, but the blog has always been a national blog. Please, write. Tell your loved ones to write, send art, send essays, send anything they desire and I will post it.

I am starting a new section of the blog for formerly incarcerated people to speak. I think that it is important that we hear from the people who have been released and understand that the struggle doesn’t end when they unlock the gates, for many it gets so much worse, and sometimes it really does get better. If you or someone you know is formerly incarcerated and would like to speak please contact me:
Email: writingfromthemargins@gmail.com
Twitter: @Sophieinchains
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sophie.inchains
LinkdIn: Sophie Inchains

I hope to hear from all of you soon.

Solidarity in Struggle,



A Just US System the Political Schemers


Politicians want to look tough on crime, but they are the ones to blame for prison overcrowding, to them it’s just a Money Game. This is the law they enacted, so what is it really all about? A game they play with human lives called “3-Strikes and you’re out.”

Back in 1994, they started giving us all this time, throwing the key away? They see money, money, money on the prisoners face; no concerns about Rehabilitation just fill up the prison space. That’s what this is all about, what we did was wrong yes, but no one was killed or really hurt but the system is throwing us away like Garbage and Treating Us like Dirt.

This unfair law is affecting everyone who is morally conscious and aware of true justice. If a person has paid for a crime he or she has done in the past, by doing his or her time, then what makes it right, to force that person to be charged again for that same crime that has been paid for?

It’s called overcharging and taking advantage of the power the citizens of California has given to politicians who is supposed to uphold the standards of truth, justice, and fair play.

They took us away from society, with greed in mine, affecting our children and the possibilities in our lives, just so they could capitalize. They have locked us up and don’t seem to want to let us go, a living Hell the over crowding, like living in Roach Motel.

This law was supposed to protect our children, but our schools have taken a fall, it’s about the money, man, not justice for all.

Bad Politicians are cutting our children’s education by millions upon millions of other peoples hard-earned tax dollars they take away from our children’s hopes, their dreams and handicap their future this is not leadership, but a greedy diabolical inhumane scheme that must go away. A monstrous atrocity:

The worst I ever saw, a unjust rule, they call “The 3-Strikes Law”

Written by JJ Walker and Revised by Jimmy Gaffeney Jr. aka Yusuf.

A Quick Note From Sophie

Hello Blog Readers,

Over the last six months Voices posts have slowed to a trickle due to issues with Maine Department of Corrections that I talked about in previous blogs, and personal issues that prevented me from properly maintaining the blog. However, I feel it is necessary to let readers, families, and inmates know–VOICES IS STILL HERE. The blog will not shut down for any foreseeable reason, but for the time being postings and letters to contributors will remain slow and often infrequent. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope to rectify the situation quickly. As always, THANK YOU writers and readers for all of your input and feedback.

Also I wanted to let everyone know that after the debacle Voices through with Maine State Prison (MSP) in September 2011, all of the mail that I have tried to send to inmates across the state of Maine has been confiscated by mail rooms and never seen again. The inmates at MSP (at least some of them) were notified that they would no longer receive my mail; however, inmates at the jails and Maine Correctional Center were not.

Therefore, the letters I have received in the meantime are dejected and upset, as inmates believe that I just stopped writing…and caring. This type of emotional abuse is not just unnecessary– it is torture.

If you, or anyone you know, is writing to inmates in the state of Maine, please let them know they are in my thoughts and I miss writing to them as much as they miss my letters.

Solidarity in Struggle,

Sophie Inchains

Update from Sophie

Hello Readers!

First, I apologize for the long silence and tardiness posting letters from inmates; as well as the delay in getting letter out to incarcerated folks.  If you know someone who is waiting to hear from me please let them know they will be getting a letter very soon and I have not forgotten anyone.

Second, for those of you following the issues that Voices has been having with the Maine State Prison I want to let you know that Warden Patricia Barnhart is allowing inmates to send mail to Voices, so long as it does not go to “social networking” sites.  Since Voices is a blog and does not fall into that category, I will happily begin posting letter from inmates here in Maine once more.  Unfortunately, due to an issue that I cannot discuss here yet, I cannot write back to the inmates at Maine State Prison at this time.  However, if you are reading this, and you write to someone there, please let them know they are being published and I look forward to the day that the situation will be resolved.

Third, as always having a Voice is only effective if one knows they have access to such a tool, therefore be sure to SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE.  If you write to anyone in a prison please give them the address so they can send in anything they like, and be sure to let them know to pass it on as well!

Sophie Inchains

PO Box 2900

South Portland, Maine. 04116

I wish everyone the best!  Solidarity in Struggle,

Sophie Inchains