Thoughts from Outside: Life After Prison

when i woke up this morning with same frustration from situations like these got a call about some work from one of those temporary agentcies no hight school daploma or any colleg dagrees i cant inlist but thell draft me if theres a war over seas oh please of cours i slice some oz’s but see im one of those aspiring mc’s and my bills are doe so at times im down for what everyone dissagrees but id rather strugle on my feet than live on my knees so my uniform tight workin all night at micky d’s for about 98 $ and some change after the gov. Get there fees these min. Wages aint enuff to feed my babies its like they hold me down cause i got a few felonies so I quit cause im tired of being one of those over worked under paid imployees stop caring at all when i did a few small burglaries then my face turned into a forgotten memorie and i dont get away with shit cause the lord always sees believe it or not theres some vary smart junkies but dependencie is eating away at there soal like deseas 



This post is from a person who has finally made it outside of the walls, Bobby S.  I will be posting more from this person as he chronicles his struggles and victories. 




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