HALF WHOLE Existence: A Poem and Note from a New Voice in Shirley, MA.

HALF WHOLE Existence

Picture an existence w/o feminine affection
No hugs, kisses. I love yous or womanly words of wisdom
No touches, caresses, backrubs, or slippery ish to slip in
No break ups to make up, war of wits, or loving life lessons
No innuendos, provocation, or flirty disposition
No stress relief, peck on cheeks, or late night confessions.
No love bites, play fights, or friendly competition
No other half, sharing a bath just a half whole existence.

January 23, 2012

How are you doing? Hopefully you are mentally and physically at your best when my letter reaches you. Anyways, I came across a publication of the services you provide, and was interested in having my voice heard. So I am giving you control/permission to publish the poem I have enclosed in this letter.

Than you take care

Chimezie Akarq


Inmates Raise 2500$ for Backbacks: CDCR & School District Say, ‘Cash Only’

Sept. 11. 11

Fellow Bloggers

This week I wanted to discuss trials and tribulations this country is having instead an experience I and a couple of friends went through should be noted.  First off, let me theorize on what rehabilitation is and please, Cyber friends, tell me if I’m incorrect.  Shouldn’t it consist of those who have wronged anyone or society the opportunity to repay, redeem or otherwise re-develope [sic] their way of thinking?

My friend Chuck thought of this splendid idea of giving back to those who are less fortunate.  The idea was called-The ABC Back Pack Project- in which we collect donations from the inmates in order to purchase ‘backpacks’ and fill them with school supplies.  We had given the inmates a vision of being able to do something for a child who is unfortunate, but yet put a smile on that child’s face.  CDC recently put the R at the end meaning rehabilitation.  Well, we were in for a rude awakening.  We collected close to twenty-five hundred dollars and that was for the first quarter.  As we were about to have the sponsor of our self help group called BRAG purchase the backpacks the administration decided it would be inappropriate because of some confidentiality mess.  Once before this same group gave a check to a fourth grade class for a field trip and those same kids sent us cards thanking us for what we did which was a wonderful feeling.

Well the superintendent of the school and the administration here wanted us to just cut a check and be through with it.  That’s not the image we gave to the men on this line.  People, this state has mis-managed its affairs and to just give them a check doesn’t ensure those needy kids will receive backpacks.

Here in California the governor—Brown—has cut education here drastically.  Now, it is assumed that kids will only attend schools four days a week.  Now who do you think cares about the generation of kids in this society.




Pornchai Moontri’s Outstanding Wood Working

These images of Pornchai’s work were submitted to me by his friend.

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A short note about Pornchai Moontri from Sophie:

Pornchai’s story Super Max was first published on Voices August 9, 2011, it has since been picked up by the site Solitary Watch.   If you are as compelled by this amazing writer/artist as Voices has been, I recommend you read Pornchai’s Story.  The piece was originally published in December 2007 The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and all rights belong to them. –Sophie


Harold Sanford Carter III/112150

807 Cushing Rd.

Warren, Maine 04864-4600




Outside the city a bridge becomes home.

The old metal can burning rubbish flame.

What kind of next is broken glass and cold?


Nocturnal torment feeding wanning flames.

Microsleep of rest because of this cold.

Piss and beer with dirt still this is my home.


Life like this turns even the heart to cold.

Can I make this soil bridge a happy home?

How many drugs will I touch with this flame?


Cold this body; send me home to hell, to the flame!

Stunning Sophie Inchains & Bald Eagle Drawings

Sophie,                                                                                           7-7-11

Just Wanted to send you a couple of things for the blog.  With permissions to print & keep them.

I recently received copies of my stuff on your blog.  Thank you.

The hardest part of “Life” is the loneliness!  Keep the faith.




NH State Prison


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CA Inmate Writes and Produces Sitcom: “Two and A Half Cons”

July 18, 2011

Dear Sophie,

Thank you for your letter, letting me know you linked my site to yours.  I admire what you are doing and feel your site serves the community well, as it shows the talent behind bars!

I just finished taping a ‘sitcom’, “Two and A Half Cons”, which we got approval to tape, which has conflict/resolution in each episode and an educational angle.  The sitcom features 2 tall white inmates who are the everyday types (play dominos, do nothing with life) who are ridiculed by a white midget inmate (who to education and is doing something with his time).  IT is a professional production, as we utilize digital cameras, lights, body mics, and final production on FINAL CUT software.  It will debut on our institutional video system.  I am attempting to see if the head sponsor can get approval to release this production to the Public, in the form of a YOU TUBE or some other angle.  You wouldn’t believe how professional it is, complete with laugh tracks, graphics, different sets built by inmates (cell, dayroom, pill line).

I created this sitcom to put a visual angle for inmates to see that wastin their life away is ‘no laughing matter.’  We watch sitcoms daily but now our life is portrayed as a sitcom.

I am sure you have received extraordinary contributions to your website nationwide.  You said you read my short stories on my site as well.

How many of my stories are on there?  I also write and completed a book on my arrest/prison experience, on PDF Format but am waiting for the outcome of my appeal before seeking a major publisher.  I was granted a second chance appeal by the 9th Circuit in May 2010, based on ‘newly discovered evidence.’  The judge will decide my fate in about 3 months.

Thanks again for writing me!  Look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

T. David Valdez J-52660

CTF Central E Wing Cell 126-Up

P.O. Box 689

Soledad, CA.



A Card from NH


Dear Sophie,

Thank you for the letter and I am glad you enjoyed the handkerchief.  As for as hair spray, thats [sic] a no go.  The piece can be ironed flat-low heat, no steam.  I can only hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

I would like to create something for you.  Do you have  a logo for your blog?  Something unique that is you?  Give me some ideas as to  what you would like and what is you.

Well its [sic] almost time for work and I still haven’t shaved.  Thank you for thinking of me.