Captain Cutler Strikes Again! Illegally Confiscated Legal File, Intimidation, and Pen Theft all in a Day’s Work!

The following information should give you fellow bloggers an idea of some of the tactics the officers use here on a daily basis to keep the prisoners off balance and oppressed.


Captain Cutler harassed me on November 15, 2011.  He intentionally stole my ink pen, a rhyme, and read legal paperwork that involved him and then he confiscated my entire legal file.  His acts were done with malicious intentions that had nothing to do with the prison’s security or the orderly functioning of it.  The other officers that were present admitted to recognizing the unprofessional acts of the Captain.  It was obvious to everyone that the Captain intended to escalate the situation by attempting to provoke me into violence.  However, I remained calm and respectful which made the Captain look like a school yard bully and the one sided conflict was defused.


Captain Cutler performed a pat down search on me when I was carrying my legal file in route to the law library.  When the pat down was finished he began searching the legal file.  I informed him that the file contained legal work and I was going to study it at the library.  He continued searching the file while reading its contents.  He discovered an old rhyme that originated from a Playboy Magazine.  He informed me “he thought” the rhyme was inappropriate and then stole it.  Because I was unaffected by his provocation he confiscated my entire legal file.  I still did not react, so he stole my pen.  It was evident that the Captain was looking for a fight.  But, everytime [sic] he tried to fish me in, he failed.  I followed his inappropriate orders which defused the situation.


I arrived at the library empty handed only to be called back to my living quarters by officer Waltz.  When I returned to the pod it was locked down and I locked myself in.  Two hours later the cell was unlocked.  At that time, I asked officer Waltz his reason for calling me back from the library.  He explained that the Captain asked him to go through the legal file with me so I knew what was legal and what was not.


Officer Waltz then began reading my legal paperwork that included privileged mail, letters, and information from my attorney including some case law.  Offer Waltz wanted to know how the various items in the file related to legal work.  I answered his questions.  At that point he became frustrated which seemed to trigger his inability to communicate ineffectively with the prisoners.  He rudely advised me for no apparent reason that he would have Captain Cutler go through it with me.  At that point I asked to see the sergeant.  Waltz refused the request informing me I can not [sic] see the sergeant but had the option to lock in my cell.  He also made a commit [sic] for the second time in a week that I will not be in his pod long.  I walked off and sat down in the dayroom to watch television.  Within a few minutes Waltz returned with my legal file.


There was no material in the file that violated prison policy.  By officer Waltz returning it to me proves that the Captain and the officers behavior was meaningless, it was pure harassment.  The Captain attempted to instigate violence, but he failed.  His own co-workers commented on his ridiculous, immature behavior.  They were embarrassed as they thought it reflected on there [sic] roles as officers.  It’s fascinating how Cutler and Waltz discriminate by intimidating and harassing humans that can do very little to defend themselves!  Please have the Captain by [sic] me a new pen and rhyme that he stole and ask them both to leave me alone!


Please understand that it is your $60,000 a year per inmate in tax dollars that pays for this oppression.  It will continue happening unless the public demands prison reform.


Demand the government spend your tax dollars on influencing the prisoners in a positive manner so they can be rehabilitated when released.  This will produce a safer society, redirect tax $ to more important matters such as education, and help the prisoners live a upright productive live that will only produce more tax dollars and less trouble!


This correspondence reflects my constitutional right under the first amendment which states that:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise theof [sic]; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievanes [sic].








Working for Better Legal Services and Finding Some Grains of Hope

Dear Sophie,


I am now back at the prison after spending 4 days at the [name omitted].  I’m glad to be out of there.  It was kind of funny though scaring the hell out of my cellmate by saying I killed three people and loved every minute of it.  I further led him on by saying, “if I ever got out of prison, I would kill again, but before I did, I would call the DA first and make a plea-bargin [sic] with them.  The dumb basterd [sic] believed all of my bullshit.  I told him the truth after awhile.


I have been busy working, writing letters, and working on my appeal.  My lawyer walked out on me the other day when he told me about the DA telling the judge about my case.  I yelled at him, he should not of let that happen.  I have found some case law that may help me and found a law book so I can study and have a better idea of what is happening.  I’m tired of attronies [sic] taking advantage of me.


I found out something that will really help our purpose.  It’s the American Correctional Association.  This is the association that sets all the standards for prisoners.  My friend stubled [sic] on to some numbers next to each policy here at the prison.  He asked the librarian what they were.  She takes out this book that has all the information about the policies here at the prison.  This is where all the policies derive from.  You need to get this book, it may be free if you tell them your [sic] and advocate.  These people perform a big inspection on the prison every year.  Last time they were here the prison had the inmates do all kinds of extra work to make it look like everything is okay.  I believe they can issue fines or not acredidate [sic] prison if they are not on the up and up, I have included a copy of the mail policy from their book.


Check it out.


[Last line omitted]


Thanks Henry

An Inmate Questions: Where is the Help for Incarcerated Vets & Reporting on the CO’s Busted Supplying Drugs??


Thanks for the last letter.  [sentence omitted for privacy]

I still have not received the paperwork you sent to the commissioner.  Shit is fucked up here.  They put a prison in the middle of nowhere.  Hire the locals that don’t know shit and expect things to go right.  Rumor has it, they are shredding our mail!  Its law that they can’t read it, but they read your mail saying it was solicitation.  The stuff you sent me is not solictation [sic].  You are providing the prisoners with a free service that benefits them.  It just shows how they make up their own rules.  Please let me know the progress of the mail issue when you have time.

[Update from Sophie: Since this letter was written the mail issues at MSP have gotten better and Henry finally received the things that were sent to the commissioner.  They had to be sent to him twice, but he does have them in his possession now.]

I was attending the inmate’s Veterans group the other day.  I was surprised to find out that they have very little connections from the outside.  I would think that they would be affiliated with the Eagles club, Amvets, or The American Legion; However, they are not.  I gave the group Sophie’s address and explained what you was doing.  I told them, and they agree that outside support is key to making issues work for us in here.  I believe you will be contacted from this group of veterans.  Maybe you can simple Email other vet groups and let them know there [sic] brothers are in prison and need support. This group has been taken advantage of by the Prison’s administration.  They are not just looking for support, they need a volunteer attorney to protect their rights.

I also wanted to tell you about a big drug bust here.  The c/o’s were arrested for bringing in drugs.  I have not heard much about this on the news or in the paper.  I didn’t know if you wanted expose that on the blog or anywhere else.

It seems to me that your blog is working.  I have a few idears [sic] about the next step if you are interested.  There are other groups that are also supporting prisoners [sic] rights among other things.  It may be a good idear [sic] to contact these groups for support and resources.  Build a colelission [sic] with the other groups.  There is so much going on with the new commissioner, now is a great time to come up with new idears [sic] that will result in fewer prisoners, and fewer prisons.  I was hoping that you could build a relationship with the commissioner and influence him with new idears [sic].  I know he is open minded and is seeking new idears [sic].  He has had meetings with inmates just for that purpose.  I will write more about this subject in another letter.  However I do have a lot of great idears [sic] that maybe you and I can brainstorm on [omitted for privacy].  I will try to get the other groups addresses for you.  CURE is one of the groups.  I think you may have the web site [sic] for the prison.  If you go to then DOC you should see the prisons website, don’t let it foul [sic] you about the classes they offer.  I’m sure the website is full of shit.

I will keep doing what I’ve been doing!



Maine State Prison

Three Corrections Officers Working Hard for Change at Maine State Prison

Dear Commisioner [sic] Ponte                                                                        8-1-2011


The past couple of months here at the prison have been stressful due to the changes.  However, I crossed paths with three officers that had a sense of integrity, respecfulness [sic], professionalism, and also one was exceptionabley [sic] inspirational towards a troubled prisoner!

While I was at the prison’s property department I overheard officer [name omitted for confidentiality] consoling a troubled prisoner.  He offered empathy and he shared a personal story with him about his own [life].  [Due to confidentiality, Sophie is going to sum up the story…the officer had a person he knew that was incarcerated and was able to get out of prison and change their life path.]  He encouraged the prisoner by speaking words of inspiration.  He made a deal with him.  As long as the prisoner was successful with the disciplinary time, he would allow him use of [specifics omitted] that the prisoner wanted.  I thought that was great.

Officer Hankins is also an exceptional staff member.  We had a conversation that involved many subjects.  One stood out from the rest.  As I was describing the way prisoners are oppressed due to prison staff, officer Hankins reminded me that in any situation a person can excel if they put their minds to it.  I agree!

Finally, Sergeant Giffort has been respectful and professional while dealing with inmates.  We had a conversation, and when it ended I realized he had instilled a sense of humanity within me.  He did nothing spechal [sic], just treated me like a human.

Mr. Ponte to fix the problem please help with rehabilitation through inspiration!


Thank you for your time



MSP Warden Caught in Sticky Land Deal: An Inmate has Questions

Dear Blog                                                                                7-17-2011

The Warden tried to pull a fast one on the Maine tax payers.  Check out the news paper [sic].  She bought Maine property and land worth $458,000 for $175,000.  She was going to subdivide it and have the Maine tax payers pay for lawn care for the next 4 years.

Dont [sic] let people fool you!  She knew what what [sic] was going on.  She is a smart women [sic].  We all know that you can’t buy stuff from the state, if you work for it.  Its [sic] a conflict of interest, and we all know that!

She came from out of state last year to be the warden here.  I think she knew about this deal when she came up!

People should call the news papers [sic] and have them check out this websight [sic]!  “voisesfromthecracks” [sic]

A few good questions that should be asked are.

  1. When did she know about the land deal.
  2. Why didn’t Maine market the property
  3. Who was going to do the lawn care!  ‘Prisoners’?

How can a prison run professionly [sic] if the Warren [sic] is corrupt?  Please call the news and have them check out this web Blog.  It’s a great time to expose these corrupt people!!!

With her unethical behavior, I wonder if she would let a murderer our for a dollar or two.


Maine State Prison

A Letter from Lockdown


Dear Blog Readers,

Its been over three weeks locked down in this cell 24 hours a day. The prison personal moved me today to a place they call enclosed. This part of the prison holds inmates with years and years of time. These people are the more severe inmates that commit murder and aggravated assaults. I understand there are less punks over here and there is more respect for one another as the inmates live together for longer periods of time.
Nothing has changed from the 24 hour lock down status. I do have a chair now to write my letters, there are people walking outside of my cell, playing cards, and talking about working out. There is different scenery outside my small window. I now look down upon the front entrance of this building. The ground is dug up as some inmates will be planted flowers.
I feel nervous and uncomfortable about this change. Often dwelling in the same cell for weeks without any communication at all makes it hard to break out of my quietness that has consumed my being. My eating, sleeping, reading, and writing schedule has been changed, and there are new guards to learn about as there are good and bad ones; ones that want to help and ones that don’t care.
Institutionalization becomes very easy to step into as there is very little self responsibility to make money, eat, work, etc. Everything is done for you. I need to be careful not to fall into such destitude [sic]. I will remain locked down until classification deems me okay to interact with others. It should be in the next two or three weeks.
My grandfather past away around midnight last night. My mother called my case manager up about an hour ago to inform him, to inform me. Its hard to deal with in here. I have not talked with him sense last year at this time. We lived together when I was released from prison 3-30-10, my grandmother died the day before on 3-29-10. It was hard living with him and I moved. Last week my mother told me he didn’t have much longer to live, I wrote him a letter saying he is a wonderful person and a great grandfather. I wrote maybe one day I could be the man he taught me to be. I was hoping to receive a letter back before he died, but none came. I’ve been asking the prison personal for a phone call to my family, they say maybe in a while.
There is a part of me that wants to call, but another that doesn’t. I know my son will be there that I have not talked to for months, last time I heard from him was on my face book [sic] page where he left a comment saying his mother got my police record and he never wants to talk with me again. So if I call the family it will be hard dealing with my grandfathers death plus the possibility of talking with him. Its overwhelming and sad.
I have a lot on my mind today as I’m dealing with personal emotions that I’m not sure how to handle, this new move, legal issues that may help on releasing me sooner then the 5 year sentence, and the gut twisting feeling of where my life is at 36 years of age. The positive side of all this, is it can only go up from here.
Anybody is welcome to respond and/or write me at the Maine State Prison I will respond back by letter or blog.
Henry Jacques
807 Cushing Road
Warren, Maine 04864-4600
(The original letter has an RIP to Henry’s grandfather whose name has been removed by typist.)