Still Held at MCC and Fearing Retaliation from Staff Over Inquiries

Dear Mrs. Sophie Inchains 1/25/2012

I have written you already once not too long ago and I am writing once again so that I can explain how I feel about my current situation, and in hopes that you can better help me if possible. Because now some new things have come up. But, please allow me to explain that it is in fact a part of what I had written to you about a week ago.

They’re still playing games with me, im [sic] still getting the “run around”, but now they’re saying that the write up that I supposably [sic] kicked out of CCF for has been thrown out. However, I still have seg. time to do on a previous write up that is not true. I only had one other write up that I had received and was found guilty at CCF, but was already taken care. I had received a class A and a class B, they had dropped it and I received a class C write up instead. My punishment consisted of 5 days room restriction at CFF and was completed accordingly with no loss good time.

At CFF my D-board officer was sgt. Robberts, I had asked MCC to call him and check with further information so this matter can be resolved. I have written to everyone here that I could possibly think of to also help me get this matter resolved. But, no one has any helpful information and im [sic] still helplessly clueless as to what’s gonna happen to me. However, MCC did tell me that I am still minimum, (thank god for that much).

But, I do fear that they will try and write me up, for administrative burdon [sic] or failure to adjust for making “waves”. That would’nt [sic] be right or fair on my behalf. That’s why im [sic] writing today explaining my current situation in hopes that you may be able to help me. From what I have heard you’re the only one that can help me at this point.

I apologize for any inconvenience and I appreciate your time. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely & Respectively

[letter unsigned]


Transfered, Forgotten, and Running in Paperwork Circles Trying to be Close to Family

Dear Mrs. Sophie Inchains 1-23-11

My name is [name omitted for safety], my inmate # is [number omitted for safety]. I was told to write to you because you may be able to help with my current situation. I have also written to the commissioner and Scott Mcaffery the head of the D.O.C. classification in August and I have not yet received a response.

My problem is that I was shipped out of CCF (Charleston Correctional Facility) with a class C write up for disrespect to the staff. I received the write up on December 31st. I was then transferred to MCC (Maine Correctional Center) and this is where I remain. I am back in the pods for 20 hours a day, it is now the 23’rd of January, and I still have’nt [sic] went to my D-board for my “so called write up”. I’m still classified minimum according to both C.C.F. and M.C.C., yet I’m still being punished. Due to D.O.C. policy they can no longer give me my said write up, because it clearly states that they have 7 working days to do so from the time that write up had been sighned [sic].

Now M.C.C. is giving me the “run around” saying that they’re waiting to hear back from C.C.F because they think the write up may still be applicable. But, because of all of this I’m very well “stuck” and clueless as to what may happen. I cannot be placed on the list to go to Downeast Correctional Center, which is a minimum/medium facility and it is also close to home.

I should of kept my composior [sic] towards the officer at C.C.F. But, however he was also in the wrong, he pointed his finger in my face and in a disrespectful manner, swaring [sic] and putting me down when in fact he does’nt [sic] know me as a person. I should’nt [sic] of lost my temper, I’ll admit it, but he provoked me by cursing and yelling right in my face. They should lead by example where there is a code of ethics in bot of our situations. But, why do they have to play these confusing games especially when they have the “upper-hand” in said situation.

I do realize that I am in fact an inmate, but I’m a human being also. All that I want is this ridiculous conflict resolved, put this all behind me, get back to where I can have contact with my family, and hopefully keep my minimum. Please help me in doing so? Thank you for your time.

Sincerely and Respectively,

[name omitted for safety]

This Voice enclosed three “Request Slip for Information or Interview with Administration and Staff” reports. In order to try to keep him from suffering retaliation I have typed his complaint section and the response from the officer with their name, if legible. Apparently, along with not follow their own policies about write-ups and ethics, corrections officers are also not required to print their names next to their signatures. All personal information on the top of the form has been omitted.

[Sheet One]
1-5-11 [sic]
State in the space below all information or action requested:
I would like to be put on the list for Bucks Harbor please I’m from there its only an hour from my home easier for my family to visit me and I just want to be close to home so please try to get there as soon as possible I just miss my family thank you for your time on this matter I hope to here [sic] back from you soon
Sincerely respectfully

Listed below are the answers, actions and information requested by you on:

1-11-12 Signed: Dahn M Grass [sic?]

Please write to Unit 2. You had some recent disciplinary @ CCF so not sure you’ll be put on a list for DCF until you show some positive behavior & attitude.

[Sheet Two]

State in the space below all information or action requested:
I was brought down on a diciniplary [sic] action however I did not get a wrote up as far as I know and if I did the time has expired to give me a write up I’ve been down here for 2 weeks from C.C.F and I am still classified as minimum I am just wondering if you can give me an IDEA of how long I’ll remain in the pods you see I live 31/2 maybe 4 hours away and I wod [sic] like to get a contact visit with my family its drives me crazy not being able to see them I’m not having them drive that far to sit behind a glass thank you for your time on this matter I hope to hear back from you soon respectfully

Listed below are the answers, actions and information requested by you on:

1/18/12 Signed: Sgt. Klt [sic?]
We will have to look into it further.

[Sheet Three]

State in the space below all information or action requested:
I was brought here from C.C.F on a diciniplery [sic] action 2 weeks ago how ever [sic] I dident [sic] receive a write up as far as I know and if I did get a write the time limit on it has expired C.C.F still classified me minimes [sic] and according to MCC I am still minimem [sic] I’m just wondering if you can give me an IDEA of how long I will remain in the pods you see sir I live 4 hours away and I just want 2 see my family a contact visit not behind a glass I also want you to know capt that I am sorry about what happened at C.C.F I was wrong but I swear to you it was only ½ my fault and I give you my word this no problem from me I hope to here [sic] from you soon sincerely respectuly [sic] and Thank You

[No date of response only what appears to be a V and 12R on that line] Signed: WF [sic?]

Listed below are the answers, actions and information requested by you on:
I currently have no discipline reports on you from CCF or anywhere else. I am not in charge of your housing. Write to Captain Emmerson or Asst. Sgt. Libby please

Holiday Wishes from Maine Correctional Center

December 19, 2011

Christmas Card

Hi.  Remember that to find the meaning of life one must simply stop searching, and live it…

I miss not having people to write to.  All of the people I used to write stopped writing to me at the same time.  Bad mail breath…?  I hope you’re ok, nothing wrong.

My release date should be [removed for privacy].  Until then I sit.  I am at a pre-release and because of my [removed for privacy] not allowed to work.  I may start working out.  Up to 198 lbs.  Good time to make the ladies happy.  I’ll have nothing to do after my month of classes…

Take care,


A Quick Note From Sophie

Hello Blog Readers,

Over the last six months Voices posts have slowed to a trickle due to issues with Maine Department of Corrections that I talked about in previous blogs, and personal issues that prevented me from properly maintaining the blog. However, I feel it is necessary to let readers, families, and inmates know–VOICES IS STILL HERE. The blog will not shut down for any foreseeable reason, but for the time being postings and letters to contributors will remain slow and often infrequent. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope to rectify the situation quickly. As always, THANK YOU writers and readers for all of your input and feedback.

Also I wanted to let everyone know that after the debacle Voices through with Maine State Prison (MSP) in September 2011, all of the mail that I have tried to send to inmates across the state of Maine has been confiscated by mail rooms and never seen again. The inmates at MSP (at least some of them) were notified that they would no longer receive my mail; however, inmates at the jails and Maine Correctional Center were not.

Therefore, the letters I have received in the meantime are dejected and upset, as inmates believe that I just stopped writing…and caring. This type of emotional abuse is not just unnecessary– it is torture.

If you, or anyone you know, is writing to inmates in the state of Maine, please let them know they are in my thoughts and I miss writing to them as much as they miss my letters.

Solidarity in Struggle,

Sophie Inchains

3-Day Lockdown, Sexual Harassment, and Excessive Force at Maine Correctional Center

On September 19th I locked my cell door at [time omitted] expecting it to be unlocked again the following morning as usual at 5:30 a.m.  I wasn’t released until 11 p.m. on the 22nd.  They locked us down and did a complete shakedown of the facility.  At around 9 a.m. on the 20th, the cert-team from M.S.P. came into our 40-man block.  When they marched out and across the road in riot gear later on I counted 34-of them.  When I was unlocked, I, as all of us, were subjected to total strip searches in our open doorways in front of some woman who appeared there for no more reason than to check out and compare male body parts.  They did nothing but gawk at everyone.  We were allowed to put on boxers, tee-shirts, and shower shoes, then had to keep our hands behind our backs as we were marched out into the stairwell and up to the third floor.  We were sat in plastic chairs with our hands behind us, and facing each other in a big circle, for an hour and twenty minutes.  Then we were marched downstairs so the woman could get one more look at the fine specimens that we were.  The majority of us Irish.  Only one Frenchman in the lot.  She had a good day.

The devastation to our cells was complete.  I had a $16 flex light for reading.  they took the flexible shaft and clip saying my name was not on them.  The storeroom only puts it on the light itself they don’t usually separate the light from its clip.  Now the next search they’ll take the light saying it’s contraband without the clip.  Welcome to Ponte’s Playland…

They have us completely stripping and waxing every floor, even cells, and all of the cells are being painted.  Even the brass door handles are begin polished they fixed our shower curtain and cleaning-sink faucet, the faucet didn’t work at all and the shower is a sadistic nightmare to begin with.  All of this because of some inspection on Tuesday, the 4th [of October], something to do with a lawsuit.  I wish to hell it were mine!!


Letter from Maine Correctional Center

Windham, Maine

[name omitted for safety of inmate]

Inmate Posts on Voices now Faces Retaliation & A Note from Sophie About MCC Breaking Fire Codes


Dear Sophie,

Well its [sic] nice to think that somebody is thinking about me.  But your computer is ok.  I didnt [sic] hear anything after I sent that letter to you.  Its [sic] good to know that someone knows what is going on here.  If ochea [sic] ever came in here they’d shut it down.  The only reason they can get away with it, is because its [sic] a state oned [sic] place.

They delivered my medicine for a year now.  And all of a sudden they want me to go over and get them.  Like one C.O. said this is a prison and were not supose [sic] to cater to you guys.  And I quote.  So I am trying.  [omitted for safety]  I try to get along with everyone.

Yes Im [sic] doing ok.  Im [sic] still in a lot of pain.  But I cant [sic] get help for that until I get out.  Im [sic] in [omitted for privacy] by the way.

I wish more people would write to the blog.  But they say they would be waisting [sic] there [sic] time.  Because nobody care about us.

Well it was good to hear from you.  And take care.

Your friend

[name omitted for inmate safety]

Maine Correctional Center

A note from Sophie:


Previously I published a letter by this inmate that outlined serious fire hazards in his pod (along with other very serious health concerns for prisoners).  He wrote to the blog that every fire exit and door is currently blocked with heavy things.  After receiving his letter I immediately emailed the fire chief in the town where MCC is located Windham, Maine.  Here is my email and his flippant dismissal of the issue:


Dear Chief Charlie Hammond,

I am writing out of a grave concern for the inmates and staff at Maine Correctional Center (MCC).  I am a prison advocate and today I received word from an inmate in MCC that the doors to the outside AND the fire exits in his pod are blocked.  Unfortunately, I do not know exactly which pod he lives in but I felt that it was imperative that I inform someone given the seriousness of the matter.  The letter from the inmate can be viewed here: p1yroD-40

I do know from reading the letter that wherever the man is housed is with other handicapped/disabled men, which of course adds to my concern.  These men are crippled and would have trouble with a normal evacuation where the doors are accessible.  Therefore, having doors and fire exits blocked is an extreme safety hazard for them.  This in turn puts the MCC staff at a greater risk for injury in the event of a fire because they would first have to unblock the doors and then help crippled men out of the cells and into the air. I do not have to go into details about the risks and unlikelihood that this could even be accomplished in an emergency situation. 

I hope that this letter prompts an investigation that leads to a swift resolve.  Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to check into this matter.

Solidarity in Struggle,

Sophie Inchains


Charles Hammond to Charles, me


show details Jul 20


Please contact the individual(s) and identify the building. I don’t want to spend the days correcting problems specific to one or two doors. We’ll do a random when we go to the facility. I am also forwarding this to the Fire Safety Officer at MCC.



As you can see, Mr. Hammond was not very interested in the conditions at MCC.  The inmate did tell me which pod he is located in, but I feel that for his personal safety, I cannot disclose his exact location.  The fire chief and his crew should have no problem finding the numerous violations at MCC in EVERY pod, I refuse to place this inmate in more harm so that Mr. Hammond can dismiss his claims.


Although I only used an initial when I published this inmate’s original letter, I believe that the reason that he is “suddenly” being told to walk and get his food (he is handicapped) is blatant retaliation for publishing on Voices.  I have taken the initial out of the original post, but of course, this person is still at risk.


Also, the inmate says in this new letter that the safety conditions have not changed in his pod.  Clearly, MCC does not care about the safety of their inmates OR staff.  If anyone reading this would like to contact Mr. Hammond and kindly suggest that his office make the visit to MCC soon (and preferably UN-announced) his email is:



The Fight

The Fight

My faith is in Him above,

It’s to Him I send my love.

But once upon a time, you see,

My soul was trapped, it was not so free.

I turned to drugs to escape my fears,

I’ve cried a hundred thousand tears.

Because in the dark I was blind,

To all God’s blessings to mankind.

This went on for several years,

Continuing on with all my fears.

Until one day, I saw the light,

For my soul, I must fight.

I pray to Him, whom I love,

My God, my Savior, the one above.

I ask forgiveness, far all my sins,

A new life now, my soul begins.

I spread the word, all around,

That it’s His love, I have found.

His love is there, for all to see,

It’s Him alone, who sets us free.

So I tell you now, everyone,

The fight with Satan, I have won.

For now, I see, the wonderful light,

This is how I truly know, I’ve won the fight.

By: James Murray

Maine Correctional Center